Kao Niao Sangkaya (Sticky Rice with Egg Custard)

Kao Niao means sticky rice in Thai, and Sangkaya is a word that is used for different styles of egg custard. It is a popular traditional Thai dessert that you can often find vendors selling on the street. They usually make them early in the morning and then go out to sell them. You can find them during all times of the day – from morning to evening.

They fold them into banana leaves and use little wooden sticks to hold the banana leaves together.

kaoniao sangkaya (click for larger image)

kaoniao sangkaya (click for larger image)

One piece usually costs between 5 to 10 baht and is quiet filling, despite the small size.

I already took a bite of this kaoniao sangkaya

I already took a bite of this kaoniao sangkaya

This one is made with kao niao daeng (red sticky rice). Sticky rice comes in many colors, not just white. The sticky rice is not artificially colored, it is a different kind of sticky rice plant than the white one, it’s natural color is the dark red you see in the picture.

There are many different ways to make Sangkaya, but generally speaking it is made from eggs, coconut cream, sugar. Other ingredients can be mixed in to enhance and refine the aroma and taste.

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