Khanom Mo Kaeng

Khanom mo kaeng (Thai: ขนมหม้อแกง, meaning something like “dessert that is made in a curry pot”) is a traditional Thai dessert, basically an egg custard, or a kind of flan, made with coconut milk, eggs (either chicken or duck), palm sugar, white sugar, salt, shallots and a bit of oil.

There are different variations of khanom mo kaeng. One of the most common distinctions is the ratio of eggs vs. starch. More eggish khanom mo kaeng is called khanom mo kaeng khai (ขนมหม้อแกงไข่), and it falls more into the flan category. Whereas the more starchy khanom mo kaeng is more like a fudge brownie in texture. I personally prefer khanom mo kaeng khai, and love the wobbly feeling when it falls apart in my mouth. Unfortunately, it also requires a bit more skill to prepare and thus is less common than the starchier variant (another reason being that it is a bit costlier in terms of ingredients, and thus many vendors like to safe on the ingredients…)

The kind of starch that is used is usually taro (pueak, เผือก), but sometimes hulled mung beans (thua, ถั่ว), lotus seeds (mallet bua, เมล็ดบัว), sweet potatoes (man thet, มันเทศ) or other starches are used.

An interesting Thai addition is that they add crispy fried shallots on top. This is quite unusual – but actually changes the characteristics of this dessert completely, but in a very delightful way. And when you eat it without the fried shallots, it just feels like something is missing.

The dessert is either baked in an oven or in a hot water bath. Most commonly it’s done in an oven nowadays, because it’s easier and faster, but when it’s baked in a hot water bath it gets baked more evenly.


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