Gluey Bing – Grilled Bananas Thai Style

Grilled bananas are a popular Thai dessert. Or snack. Call it how you want, it’s used in both ways. There are many ways to write it – gluey bing, kluay ping, gluay bping or กล้วยปิ้ง.

Many Ways to Barbeque a Banana

And there are many ways how bananas are barbequed in Thailand – and each method brings out different flavors, scents and textures. Sometimes the banana is grilled while still in the peel. The peel is just slit open with a knive, and then the banana is very soft, dark yellow and mushy when it’s barbequed.

Or they are peeled, slit along their vertical axis in two halfes and put on a stick. Barbeque that. It’ll be more dry. But it tastes best if it’s pressed before you eat it – the pressing somehow breaks up the banana and gives it a bit more of juiciness.

And theren there is a way to take the bananas out of their peel, slice them, package them in banana leaves and then barbeque them – often together with sticky rice.


But what they all share in common is that they make for a wonderful, healthy, satisfying snack.


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