Moji (Mochi)

Moji (also written Mochi) is a pretty new Thai dessert that got invented just a bit over 20 years ago. Actually, it is the Thai version of a traditional Japanese dessert. But some Thai people traveled to Japan and liked this dessert so much that they tried to make it in Thailand. They quickly found that the taste of the Japanese people and the Thai people is different, and then experimented until they came up with just the right mixture.

This is a very typical Thai-way of doing things. They are open to all kinds of ideas and influences and mix them together. Thailand is the ultimate land of Fusion, because many different cultures have shaped this country – the Chinese, India, the Mon, the Burmese, the Khmer, the Malays, early Western traders and so on.

The ingredients of Moji are beans, wheat flour, condensed milk, coconut, sugar, salted egg yolk, butter, vegetable oil and water. Oftentimes, glutinous rice flour is used to make the dough as an alternative to wheat flour. All natural ingredients, no chemicals and so on. Of course, this also means that as soon as you open your box of Moji, you should munch it up as quickly as possible, because it can become dry quickly.

(Personally, I never had any difficulties with finishing a box of moji faster than it can turn dry).

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