Kanom Pansip

If I’d tell you that there is a Thai dessert where the main ingredient is steamed fish meat that has been friend with sugar, garlic and onion – would that sound very tempting to you?

It didn’t sound tempting to me, but curiosity won over, and so I sampled some Kanom Pan Sip.

Kanom is the Thai word for dessert. Pan is the Thai word for to form and sip is the number 10. Don’t ask me why it’s called that way, nobody could explain that to me either.

In case you want to know how it’s made: first they steam fish and then they separate the fish meat from the rest of the fish.

Then, they put ingredients like chopped galangal, koriander root, onions, garlic inside a wok and fry it over a low flame until it’s slightly brownish.

Then they add palm sugar and fish sauce into the wok and keep on stirring it until the palm sugar melted, and finally they mix it with the steamed fish meat.

It’s all wrapped into a dough that is made from flour, salt, egg and sugar, and that thing is then fried one more time.

It’s not the sweet kind of dessert that children like – as you could guess from the list of ingredients, and it surely is not as mainstream compatible as sticky rice with mango or friend banana roti pancake. But if you want to venture a bit off the beaten track on the culinary roads of Thailand, then you might want to check it out.

The taste is fine with me, but not more than “fine”. Considering my newly added lovehandles, the taste doesn’t justify eating a Thai dessert that is basically made from fried stuff. It would have to be more delicious than that to be worth it :-)

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