SoulTsunami Sink or Swim in New Millennium Culture

SoulTsunami Sink or Swim in New Millennium Culture

Will the tsunami wave of change sweep Christianity away? Or will religious followers be able to ride the cresting tidal wave of cyberterrorism and social malaise that threaten Christian values in the 21st century? Rather than sink into denial or flee to safe bunkers, Sweet suggests that devout Christians “hoist the sails” just as Noah did when faced with a flood. “While the world is rethinking its entire cultural formation, it is time to find new ways of being the church that are true to our postmodern context,” writes author Leonard Sweet, vice president of postmodern Christianity at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. This book is packed with suggestions (framed as “Life Rings”) for keeping Christianity a thriving and vital global force. “Life Ring” chapter titles include “Get Glocal–the Global Renaissance,” and “Get De-Churched-De-Everything.” Although the tsunami metaphor feels overextended, devout Christians appreciate the savvy and passionate vision of this popular author.

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5 Stars Good Book
Sweet made some amazing predictions about postmodern culture in this book

4 Stars a tad redundant, but good
I really enojoyed Leonard Sweet’s book “Postmodern Pilgrims” and felt like it had an awful lot of really good things to say about the postmodern paradigm shift. I say that to say that I came into reading this book in a very positive way, and looked forward to what I was going to read.

The book overall was pretty good. I liked a lot of the content, and I liked the way that he seeks to engage the postmodern world, which I believe is an absolute must for ministry now. Not that he says we need to all become postmodern, but that we need to ENGAGE the culture with the gospel, and should therefore have a clue about the culture.

My main critique of the book is that he tends to overstate his points: excessively. So instead of saying “the sky is blue,” we’re going to get more like “The sky is blue, and furthermore the sky is not black but it’s blue, and furthermore it’s not red but it’s blue. The sky is blue.” That’s being overdramatic, but that’s the sense I got from the book. It could have been a lot shorter, and still have covered the same amount of material.

5 Stars Good Book
Sweet wrote this in 99 and you would be amazed how some preditions about ppostmodern culture have come true

5 Stars Forecast of a Post Modern Tidal Wave
Acting as a cultural meteorologist, Leonard Sweet wrote Soul Tsunami in 1999 as a forecast of the Post Modern tidal wave that was about to strike the shores of American Christendom. As he predicted, the wave has hit and has left many casualties in its wake. The church body count continues to rise, while wise leaders who prepared for it are thriving.

The book serves as an introduction to ministry in a Post Modern culture. At times he seems to be an apologist for Post Modernity. You probably won’t always agree with the writer but he will give you a look into the mind of the culture. His presentation of the current ministry realities makes this a significant book and certainly worth the read.

Sweet is a chaotic, quirky, witty, and sometimes annoying writer. If you want a real experience, listen to the audio book. It is a unique and an attention keeping creation. In fact, I’d recommend the audio version over the written effort.

5 Stars bellisimo!
‘the most creative times in history are those hinge moments when chaos and order overlap’…this is extreme reality!

noticed how fast the world is moving around you? hai notato di come il mondo intorno va veloce? this book is INCREDIBLE helped me face the world with a new determination! questo libro e’ INCREDIBILE mi ha aiutato ad affrontare il mondo con una nuova grinta! Wake up and smell the Espresso!!!

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